Who we are

FilmCocktail is an award-winning Los Angeles-based content and production company specialized in Behind-the-Scenes-Videos, Image and Corporate Videos, Bonus Material, Making of, Still Photography, Celebrity Interviews, Red Carpet Coverage, TV Specials and News Coverage.

For each individual project, whether it is an interview, a live event or Behind-the-Scenes shots, it is critical to get the footage to tell your story. We pride ourselves that we work with the most talented crew in the industry that has the best eyes for the perfect shots. We guarantee that when it comes to editing time, we have the best coverage to build your story.



We can provide a team for any Behind-the-Scenes, commercial, photo or video shoot. We can document every step of your shooting process, from pre-production to post-production, if you wish. 

We offer high-quality film production services whether you are producing the next Hollywood blockbuster, a commercial for a beauty product or a music video. We will get you the best product within your budget. We have a longtime experience working with producers, film crews and celebrities. Overall, our mission is to provide A-Z production services for everyones needs. 





From brainstorming concepts, supporting an existing campaign, guiding a client in their influencer strategies, or finalizing ideas into shots, our experienced team works with the client from start to finish with the perfect blend of creative inspiration and message-driven focus.


Photo + Video + PRINT + Audio

Our production crew is a group of professionals with years of experience working in the movie, music and television industry. Each crew member has an extensive resumé. Our crew’s working partnership has been founded on complementary skills. We are a dynamic and creative team that simply just loves what we do.



With strong ties and connections to major television stations and distributors, your content will reach its target audience. We can also offer offer various marketing services through our partners. Contact us to see how we can be of your help.